What Makes Dundalk Dan's Awesome

Any company can call their product "awesome", but few actually say it and mean it. So what actually makes Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky--Awesome? The answer is simple, in that it isn't just any ONE thing, and it certainly goes beyond the beef jerky itself. From the ingredients we select, to the small-batch production method, to the dedicated people we make it for, here are the reasons why Dundalk Dan's is Awesome. 


Our Ingredients

"Good food depends almost entirely on good ingredients." - Alice Waters, American chef.

Let's be honest, great beef jerky always starts with the meat. Dundalk Dan's uses only hand-trimmed, USDA-certified London Broil. Our beef is carefully trimmed by hand to remove the fat from the finished product.


Dundalk Dan's is also serious about only choosing healthy ingredients. We are careful to pick ingredients that do not contain MSG, and we use only ingredients free of wheat and gluten.

Our ingredients lead to not just a distinct, enjoyable taste, but also one with significant health benefits too. Dundalk Dan's packs 13g of protein in 1oz, compared to the average beef jerky which has just over 9g according to the USDA.  


Our Processes

"Beef Jerky is proof that given the opportunity, men will do everything the hard way." Tin Can Caldwell.

What gives Dundalk Dan's its Awesome taste? Our marination and dehydration processes are what set it apart from your typical gas-station jerky. 

We marinate over 3 days, hand turning it every 12 hours. This helps to give a nice even flavor--better than any typical gas station jerky. After its marinated it gets heated at 165 degrees for about 8 hours. 

After it's marinated, it then gets dehydrated by us as our jerky experts keep a watchful eye on each small-batch. We make our beef jerky in small batches so that every pack of Dundalk Dan's tastes the way we created it to. It may not be as cost-efficient as mass production, but it leads to a far superior product. Dundalk Dan would not want it any other way.


Packaged to Stay Fresh

"Design is intelligence made visible." - Alina Wheeler, branding consultant.


Taste, texture and freshness are important to us. The taste and texture comes from the ingredients and our cooking processes. The freshness comes from our strategically-created packaging. Every pack of Dundalk Dan's is vacuum-sealed by hand to lock in the Awesomeness. Here's how.

First, we seal in the flavor in every pack of jerky we produce, whether it's our signature 2oz. package or our sample-sized 1oz. packs. Our 2oz. packages are resealable to ensure your jerky stays fresh even after opening, just in case you don't finish it all in one sitting. We lock in the freshness with oxygen absorbers, so that that freshness is with you when you bite into our jerky--no matter if it's as soon as you open a pack, or if it's six months after you first opened it! In fact, the uniquely-designed, stay-fresh vacuum seal gives our jerky a shelf life of a full year. Though, we'd be surprised if yours lasted the entire car ride home!


The Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs.


From Dundalk Dan himself, to the front office, to the production kitchen, and every retail location where you can pick up a bag of Dundalk Dan's, our entire team has one goal - to share with you the best beef jerky. And we truly believe that our product is just that.

We started in Dundalk, MD and couldn't be more proud to share our success with the place where we began. We are now based out of Baltimore, MD and take pride in growing our business alongside the city as its small businesses and local companies expand. All of our recipes originate in our test kitchens in Dundalk. We work with a co-packer to produce the final packaged product, which is always handmade in small batches. Our product facilities are USDA certified and inspected. All of our deliveries, inventory and marketing efforts take place at our Baltimore office.

We're beef jerky people ourselves! We've gone to great lengths to find other jerky that we like to see what others are making and what we can learn from that. Our team is eager to help you wherever we can in picking out the best flavor for you.

Our team is growing, too. We're currently in over 30 stores across the country, with more popping up every week. We're constantly sampling our beef jerky at lively events across the state of Maryland, including residencies at the Pratt Street Markets, Dundalk Makers Markets, and monthly tastings at The Perfect Pour.


The Customers 

"Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company." - Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author.

You might not realize it, but you (yes, you!) are actually the final, and most important, reason why we're Awesome! You choose craft flavors over the standard bag of jerky you might find at your local gas station. You crave something more. 

And because of you, our customer interaction is not simply a one-way street. You guys share when you're enjoying our jerky, give us stellar reviews, and keep coming back for more!