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What kind of meat do you use?

We only use hand trimmed, high quality, USDA choice grade beef.

How long do you marinate your beef jerky?

All of our jerky is marinated over 3 days and hand turned every 12 hours to give it an even flavor. After it's marinated, it gets dehydrated by as our jerky experts keep a watchful eye on each small-batch.

What is the texture of your beef jerky like?

It's tough, but not too tough and never spongy. It definitely requires you to give it a good tear when you bite into it, as any decent jerky should do.

Is your jerky super fatty?

No, our beef is carefully trimmed by hand to remove the fat from our USDA choice grade beef.

Do I have to refrigerate your beef jerky once it's opened?

Nope! It's rare that there's any jerky left over anyway!:)

How is your beef jerky packaged?

We vacuum seal all sizes of our beef jerky to ensure freshness up to a year. Our 2 oz. packs are resealable to ensure your jerky stays fresh even after opening.

Is your beef jerky gluten free?

Absolutely, we use only ingredients free of wheat and gluten.

Does your beef jerky contain MSG?

Nope, we are careful to pick ingredients that do not contain MSG.

How did Dundalk Dan's start?

Believe it or not, in our CEO Dan's basement at his home in Dundalk, MD. He and his family started making and sharing their delicious jerky with friends and family in 2012. Our flagship product, Chesapeake, was the flavor their friends and family couldn't get enough of. So Dan went through the necessary steps to begin making, packing and selling the USDA-certified jerky.

Why did you start Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky?

We were fed up with typical gas station beef jerky that was not only filled with a bunch of "bad" stuff but also didn't taste good! We wanted to provide customers a premium product with flavors they simply couldn't get enough of.

Where did the name "Dundalk Dan's" come from?

It's named after our CEO who, you guessed it, is named Dan and lives in Dundalk, MD!

Where is your beef jerky made?

All of our recipes originate in our test kitchens in Dundalk, MD. We work with a co-packer to produce the final packaged product, which is always handmade in small batches. Our product facilities are USDA certified and inspected. All of our deliveries, inventory and marketing efforts take place at our Baltimore office.

What flavors of beef jerky do you have?

We currently sell 4 flavors: Chesapeake, HabaneroSriracha and Sweet BBQ. All are available in two sizes: 2 oz. and 1 oz. We also have a Jerky Bundle that contains one 2 oz. pack of all 4 of our flavors.

What will your next flavor be?

You tell us! We love hearing and appeasing our fans. Looking for Dundalk Dan's spin on a classic jerky flavor? Or maybe you want something really wild. Nothing is off the table as we are constantly testing and perfecting jerky flavors.

How can I get free jerky?

It's easier than you think! Simply post a picture on social media of you enjoying our beef jerky with the hashtag #DundalkDan or by tagging us @DundalkDan and you'll automatically be entered to win free beef jerky! Be sure to include our packaging in your picture. Browse past winners here. No purchase necessary, learn more here.