Perfect Pairings: Jerky And Booze

March 01, 2018

Perfect Pairings: Jerky And Booze

You did it. You got your hands on a delicious pack of Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky. You're all ready to tear it open and dig in to premium handmade craft jerky.

But wait. You don't just want to eat your jerky as is. You need something to make this night (or day) magical. And we have just the adult beverages for that to happen.

Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky pairs well with many beverages, none more popular than beer. And our team of drunks taste testers has discovered two delicious pairings of beer with flavors of Dundalk Dan's jerky. Grab a pack of Chesapeake and Habanero and let's begin:

Chesapeake + Key Brewing's Chesapeake

Chesapeake plus ChesapeakeTaking a bite of our signature Chesapeake flavor while sipping a Key Brewing's Chesapeake Common Lager is perhaps the most logical pairing since peanut butter and chocolate. The J.O. Spice in our Chesapeake jerky pairs very well with the unique flavor of Key Brewing's pale ale-like flavor and aroma.


Habanero + Union Craft Brewing's Double Duckpin

habanero and double duckpinFor those of you who like their jerky hot, we sure hope by now you've tried our latest flavor: Habanero. It's already gotten great reviews on its own and now we've pinpointed the perfect beverage to accompany it. The Double Duckpin Ale from our friends at Union Craft Brewing. This double IPA has double the hops and malts of their original Duckpin ale which makes it the ideal companion to our spicy jerky that starts out sweet and builds in intensity.


While these combinations are fantastic, beer absolutely is not the only drink that goes well with Dundalk Dan's.

Sriracha + Mezcal Amarás

Sriracha and AmarasWe realize not everyone is a beer drinker so let's change it up a bit for our other two flavors. For those of you that are not big on beer but still want some spice, our 5-star Sriracha jerky pairs with the powerful Mezcal Amarás. Our Sriracha jerky has heat that gradually kicks in as you chew, while the Mezcal Amarás has citrus and smoke notes that compliment the jerky well. The soft and smooth hints of Agave in the Mezcal Amarás balance out the steady rise in heat and flavor of the Sriracha jerky.


Sweet BBQ + Yalumba's Patchwork Barossa Shiraz

Sweet BBQ and YalumbaLastly we didn't forget about you, wine drinkers. We proudly present the most unique of pairings: our Sweet BBQ jerky and Yalumba's Patchwork Barossa Shiraz. With it's tangy taste and hints of brown sugar and molasses, our Sweet BBQ goes oh so well with a wine that was made for BBQ. Patchwork Barossa Shiraz is known for its bold, sweet flavor that's perfect as a glaze for spare ribs–but even better in a glass next to a pack of Dundalk Dan's Sweet BBQ. This duo of boldness, tanginess and awesomeness will take your taste buds for a sweet and savory ride.

No matter what your drink of choice may be, there's a flavor of Dundalk Dan's that goes with it. And if you don't have any of these beverages on hand, digging into a pack of Dundalk Dan's on it's own is not a bad back up plan. Buy a pack today and get started.