Now In The Test Kitchen: Our Spiciest Jerky Yet!

November 17, 2017

Now In The Test Kitchen: Our Spiciest Jerky Yet!

At Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky, we sincerely cannot thank you all enough for your support and enthusiasm in the past year. Our three flavors are flying off the shelves, both at our warehouse and at our many retail locations.

And we have big news. Right now in our test kitchen, we’re perfecting a recipe of another AWESOME flavor you’ll be sure to love, especially if you crave some heat with your jerky.

Dundalk Dan’s is working on habanero beef jerky!

Our test kitchen is currently marinating the small-batch, handmade beef jerky you love packed with the right mix of serious heat and zesty flavor. That's right, Dundalk Dan's is almost ready to give you spicy food fans your new favorite beef jerky. We know a lot of you love our Sriracha flavor, but are itching for something even hotter.

Dundalk Dan himself says that the idea for the new habanero flavor initially came from firsthand feedback at our events.

We Listened to You!

"We get to do a ton of events and we get to take time and talk with people about what they really think of our products," said Dan. "When we came out with our Sriracha flavor, it was an instant hit. That said, we've heard from a bunch of people they'd like us to take it up a notch and 'Go Hotter!' Thus began the search for a hotter flavor, but not too hot. A heat with a powerful flavor, but not one that actually burns too much."

Habanero Peppers

According to Pepper Scale, habanero peppers are likely the hottest pepper you can find at a general supermarket. While packing a punch in the spice department, habanero peppers also have quite a fruity taste to them as well, which make them extremely suitable for grilling, baking, and adding to all sorts of food.

"Habanero is a great pepper to start with as there are many strains that range from very mild to super hot. We figured we could work through some strains to find the perfect balance which is exactly what we're doing."

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