Jerky Spotlight: Dundalk Dan's Chesapeake Beef Jerky

December 07, 2017

Jerky Spotlight: Dundalk Dan's Chesapeake Beef Jerky

Dundalk Dan's Awesome Chesapeake Beef Jerky is a favorite for people who like good ol' Maryland Steamed Blue Crabs! Using a traditional base of marinade and a generous portion of J.O. Spice #1 All Purpose Seafood Seasoning, you get tasty beef jerky; with a KICK!

It's not hot or spicy -- but it packs a tremendous amount of flavor that perfectly compliments the chew and texture of our handmade, USDA-certified meat. 

The success of our Chesapeake flavor derives from a simple formula that you can't beat: handmade craft jerky made with superb crab seasoning

Naturally, the flavor became a hit, especially locally. It's no secret that folks in Maryland love them some crab seasoning. So it's really no surprise that they also love our J.O. Spice-seasoned, craft jerky.

Whenever we do tastings or pop up at festivals or events across the Mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake is always the flavor that seems to resonate best and fly off our shelves. Just listen to some of the Chesapeake reviews from Dundalk Dan's customers:

"Of the flavors I've had so far, the Chesapeake is quickly crawling into my number one spot."
- Jacqueline A.

"Never thought the combination of JO Spice and beef jerky would be SO good but you have to try it to believe it!"
- Samantha B.

"BEWARE OF INTENSE MOUTHGASMS. Yeah I had to make up my own word to describe how good Chesapeake is."
- Mark D.

"The Chesapeake flavor is phenomenal!!!! I think I'm going to order a few more bags today!!"
- Jennifer M.

"This stuff is so good! Husband got it at the local liquor store and I was skeptical but once I tried it and now I'm hooked!"
- Heather A.

If you haven't tried our flagship flavor yet, then you're missing out. Why not order a pack or six today?