How To Make It Through The Holidays

December 13, 2016

How To Make It Through The Holidays

The sentiment around the holiday season usually puts everyone in a feel-good mood. The music is uplifting, you're always lighting candles or fires, and there's constantly delicious food being served. 

But with great highs come some lows - or at least some stress. Knowing what gifts to get for everyone and then finding them can be difficult. The same is true for having over (some - definitely not all) in-laws for extended periods.

The truth is, as exciting and nostalgic as the holidays can feel, it never hurts having a guide to get you through some of the more taxing parts. We're here to help. Here are four ways to help you make it through the holidays with your sanity in tact.

Don't Listen To Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé

Okay, here me out. Michael Bublé's "Christmas" album is an all-timer. But you listen to it once in early December, then the rest of the holiday season is ruined. You can't listen to anyone else. Nothing holds a candle to his melodic voice. So why set the bar that high when you won't come close finding one like him again?

(Note: We would have included Mariah Carey here too, but a holiday season without her version of "All I Want For Chirstmas" isn't even really a holiday season. We can't take her away from you.)

Buy Outside-The-Box Gifts

Sometimes successful gift giving comes down to getting people something that they enjoy, but wouldn't necessarily think to buy for themselves. We already told you some unique stocking stuffers you could pick up, but here are a couple others that are fun and different:

Protein-Packed Travel Snacks

Dundalk Dan's

Self-explanatory. We have our preference. And not only is this a great gift, but feel free to tear it open yourself when Aunt Joanne starts bragging about winning the family fantasy football league despite not changing her lineup all year, or when Uncle Kevin goes on a political rant.

Personalized Flasks

Personal Flask

“I think giving someone a flask is a nice way of saying, 'hey, you seem like a drunk on the go. You strike me as needing hard liquor at all times.'” - Jim Gaffigan. 

While a flask is nice, a personalized flask is even better, simply because you can use it to call out your brother for being the second best backyard basketball player growing up.



Look at this couple. They are so happy. Not because they're drinking coffee, making smalltalk, or about to eat the donuts on the table. They are happy simply because they are in these glorious bathrobes. Everyone enjoys a bathrobe; it's a scientific fact.

Get Your Bigger Gifts Pre-Wrapped

Pre-Wrapped Gift

Some people love to wrap presents, and I get that. But even if it's your favorite activity, just imagine how much TIME you'd save NOT doing it! And best of all, in 98% of instances the gift will look better than if you wrapped it anyway. Win-win.

Go For A Walk

Walking In Snow

Inevitably, the holiday season leads to at least one family gathering. This can be fun! But it can also be too much at times. To break away from it for some "you time", why not go for a walk? Sneak out of the house, say you need to grab something from the car if someone questions you, and just walk. How long before you return is up to you (definitely return though).

Actually, don't do this, it's freezing out - suck it up and stay inside.


There you have it. Now that you have this guide, you'll be itching for your relatives to stop by this holiday season. Now stock up!

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