How Dundalk Dan's Awesome Chesapeake Beef Jerky Got Its Spice

June 11, 2016

How Dundalk Dan's Awesome Chesapeake Beef Jerky Got Its Spice

I get asked all the time how we came up with our Chesapeake flavor beef jerky that has grown into Dundalk Dan's flagship product. It all started with my brother-in-law Allen turning my wife Stacey and I on to J.O. Spice #1 Seafood Seasoning as an alternative to the old standby, Old Bay. Man are we glad he did! After that first try we never went back. That was 11 years ago.

About 3 years ago we started making beef jerky at home. After we got the basics down, Stacey and I started experimenting with different jerky recipes. Naturally we turned to a crab seasoning flavored jerky as we are big-time crab eaters. A 5 gallon bucket of J.O. Spice #1 Seafood Seasoning was in the pantry and provided the core of the signature flavor we use today. Friends and family agreed and we couldn't make it fast enough.

As sales grew and we moved production out of our little house, Allen came through again letting us know that a co-worker of his is related to Don and Ginger Ports, owners of J.O. Spice Company. A quick intro later and I find myself at their retail shop and factory off of Old Georgetown Road in Halethorpe, MD.

Don and Ginger couldn't have been more welcoming. It's always busy at their shop, but they took time to sit down and look over package designs featuring their J.O. logo and sampled the Chesapeake jerky. They loved it too!

Not only did we agree to co-market using their logos and what-not, but they're also selling it in their retail store along with other great seafoody/Maryland products! So when you're looking to pick-up Dundalk Dan's Awesome Chesapeake Beef Jerky, you can swing by J.O. Spice.

J.O. Spice Retail Store

I'd also like to thank Don and Ginger for their advice and support on the business side of things. This is our first foray into the consumer packaged goods space and they're happy to help with lessons learned, ranging from package design to inventory tracking. Not a whole lot of people go out of their way to help the little guy. They're an exception and it's greatly appreciated.

Everyone at Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky is super excited to be working with Don, Ginger & the J.O. Spice Team!

*Photo by Nicole Munchel / September 12, 2014 from Baltimore Sun article about J.O. Spice Company.