Dundalk Dan's Retailer Spotlight: Key Brewing

January 18, 2018

Dundalk Dan's Retailer Spotlight: Key Brewing

Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky would not be where it is today without our customers and our retailers. To celebrate the latter of these, we're introducing a new feature entitled Retailer Spotlight, where we'll peel back the curtain on some of the great establishments where you can pick up a pack of our jerky.

In this week's retailer spotlight, we're keeping it in beautiful Dundalk and highlighting last year's winner of the Baltimore City Paper's Best Brewery Award: Key Brewing Co

Key Brewing LagerKey Brewing is located on Grays Road towards Edgemere and Sparrows Point. Key Brewing launched in 2015, taking it's name from beloved national icon from the native Baltimore area, Francis Scott Key. Key Brewing believes that craft beer should not be complicated or intimidating--similar to what Dundalk Dan's believes about craft jerky!

From their website, "We are purists of sorts, but not elitists. Key beers are true-to-style: True blue. Traditional. To us, craft emphasizes a thoughtful yet straightforward approach and commitment to the highest quality."

Key Brewing has 2-oz. packs of all three flavors of Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky, making them the perfect place for you to stock up for the long winter weekends. In fact, they were the first brewery to carry Dundalk Dan's!

While you visit, be sure to say hello to their friendly staff and pick up a pack of Dundalk Dan's and pair it with one of Key Brewing's delicious lagers or their classic robust porter. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.