Awesome Pairings With Key Brewing

December 07, 2016

Awesome Pairings With Key Brewing

Did you know you can now buy our Awesome Beef Jerky at Key Brewing in Dundalk? Well, now you know!

To celebrate, here are three key (see what we did there?!) pairings of our jerky with Key Brewing's beers that will be the key (okay, I'll stop) to your hearts.

Chesapeake Beef Jerky + Chesapeake

  1. Chesapeake with Chesapeake Common Lager - The most logical pairing. The J.O. Spice in our Chesapeake jerky pairs very well with the unique flavor of Key Brewing's pale ale-like flavor and aroma.
    Sriracha Beef Jerky + Helles
  2. Sriracha with Helles Lager - Our Sriracha flavor has a distinct kick to it, which goes great with this clean malt flavor start and slightly sweet and spicy hop finish. A pleasant ride for your taste buds!
    Sweet BBQ + Rye Porter
  3. Sweet BBQ with Rye Porter - The easy, welcoming taste of our Sweet BBQ jerky is the perfect compliment to Key Brewing's strong chocolate character in their Rye Porter.

Can't decide which pairing is best for you, or want to create your own? You can't go wrong with trying all three of our varieties with a six-pack of Key Brewing's selection!

See where to find Key Brewing, and all the locations you can pick up our jerky, right here.